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See How Easy CloudShell Makes Building and Deploying Application Blueprints   
  • Deliver self-service environments to developers and testers
  • Speed application releases
  • Manage virtual and cloud costs and optimize IT infrastructure
  • Eliminate configuration inconsistancies
  • Shift quality left with more production like CI/CD environments


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This trial provides a guided experience of CloudShell VE running on AWS. Once your trial starts you'll receive tutorial emails that will guide you through the various scenarios offered by the trial. The trial covers cloud application deployment, test tool deployment alongside apps for supporting Continuous Test, and REST API integration with CI/CD tools. You'll also be able to create your own app blueprints with preconfigured application templates and deploy them into live sandboxes running in AWS.

Need Support for On-Prem or Hybrid Cloud?

CloudShell VE supports AWS, Azure, VMware, Openstack, Oracle Cloud, and GCE. CloudShell Pro supports hybrid cloud and bare-metal orchestration. To learn more about Pro, request a live technical demo tailored to your specific use case.



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