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How a $10B Retail Enterprise Transformed DevOps

DevDevOps Sandboxes over Microsoft AzureOps Sandboxes over Microsoft Azure


DevOps Sandboxes over Microsoft Azure 



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Quali’s Architect, Roni Dover, shows how sandboxes allowed a customer in the retail vertical to scale DevOps. 

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Better Scaling of Enterprise DevOps on Microsoft Azure 

Wednesday, Nov. 8th. 10:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM EST



Pascal Joly

Dir Tech Partnerships


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Roni Dover

Architect & Manager


In this webinar, you will learn how a global traditional enterprise business transformed thier DevOps practices and is now effectively supporting over 300 software developers and releasing software faster.  

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An Increasing number of enterprises are leveraging public and hybrid clouds for their dev/test environments. With constantly changing business requirements, these environments need to be equally adaptable and dynamic. This webinar unfolds the real-world case -study of a large retail customer with over 300 software developers that were looking to increase innovation agility modeling complex and dynamic environments. They evaluated multiple vendors including home-grown platforms and finally chose the Quali Cloudshell platform. The webinar will describe the requirements of the retail organization, why traditional approaches would not scale for their R&D organization and how Cloudshell served as the solution to increase productivity, efficiency and speed of service delivery on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The session will also feature a demo.

Roni is a product development leader at Quali, architecting DevOps solutions and a passionate advocate of using sandboxes throughout the DevOps pipeline.



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