It’s no secret that supporting developer productivity requires a cultural shift—we’ve heard it in every webinar, thought-leadership session and DevOps podcast out there. Rarely will you hear real-world examples of how successful operations teams were able to boost developer productivity with cloud resources and it is even rarer still to hear about the, well, not-so-successful stories.

In this session, industry veterans Colin Fletcher and Alex Irizarry reveal—with real-world examples—the common culture, people, process and technology mistakes they’ve seen organizations' make when it comes to delivering the cloud resources developers need to do their job.

Join us for a fun—and not too long—conversation where they will:

  • Identify the top 5 things to avoid when supporting developers with cloud resources
  • Discuss how to recognize each “avoidance opportunity” before it’s too late
  • Share alternatives and options that bypass trouble spots

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