Infrastructure Automation is Critical for IT to Support Business Transformation

By providing self-service access to infrastructure pre-configured with policies and permissions, our customers know that infrastructure automation helps their engineering, IT, and QA teams move faster while controlling costs and security.

But how do you quantify that impact? What KPIs and metrics show how these results align with the broader organization’s goals?

To better understand how infrastructure automation contributes to the bottom line, the Quali team commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 268 IT and operations decision-makers from enterprises across the globe on how they view infrastructure in the context of their current challenges and priorities.

Read the full study to learn:

  • Key infrastructure challenges as digital transformation becomes a competitive differentiator
  • How IT and operations leaders are navigating resource constraints and evolving demand for skills
  • KPIs and metrics to measure how infrastructure automation contributes to organization-wide goals

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