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The CloudShell champion program allows Quali customers and partners to be recognized for their innovation, vision, and excellence. Champions will be selected every 6 months for any of the categories below. Winners will receive an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Amazon Gift Card of equal value as well as be featured on Quali's website.

So if you know of an individual that should be nominated as a CloudShell Champion for one of the below categories nominate them now by filling out the form and the subsequent CloudShell Champion questionnaire. 




Rocket Scientist - Someone who is recognized for their technical wizardry and contributed helpful Shells or Plugins to the Quali repository. 



Community Builder - Someone who's high level of activity on Quali's Community has helped others solve problems and build better solutions. 



Visionary -Someone who has shown audacious vision for how CloudShell can transform their company's business. 

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Transformer - Someone who has grown the user base for CloudShell within their organization or done an exceptional job of training and on-boarding teams. 



KPI King - A person or team who has shown clear, measurable impact on business ROI or time, cost, or resource savings using CloudsShell.


Channel Master - A channel partner who has gone above and beyond in promoting the vision of CloudShell to customers. 



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