How Online Retailer, Resident, Scaled DevOps with AWS and CloudShell Colony 

The Essentials to Scaling DevOps Through Platform Ops

Making DevOps initiatives scale is a maturity milestone companies are struggling to achieve. While the benefits of value stream automation to business agility is clear, most businesses find it difficult to overcome the skill and knowledge gap. In this webinar, Quali's Maya Ber Lerner and 6point6's Mark Debney and Chris Porter will talk about the essential elements in achieving widespread adoption of DevOps practices. From taking a DevOps pulse, to overcoming the talent shortage and practical best practices for scalable Platform Ops.

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Maya Ber Lerner

Maya Ber Lerner is Quali's Chief Technology Officer. Prior to Quali, Maya held technical roles at Amdocs. She earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in biomedical engineering from Tel Aviv University. Maya eventually found her true passion in software and IT automation. She is a frequent speaker, panelist, and contributing writer within the greater tech community, with a focus on DevOps, automation, CX, and more. When not traveling, Maya is the IT person at home, and the only one allowed to change router configurations. Outside of work, she likes drawing, carving, and reading.

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Chris Porter
Managing Director

Chris has over 20 years experience as a hands-on technologist specializing in Enterprise scale integration, Agile delivery, software development, automated testing, DevOps and Cloud. He has been a Developer, a Product Specialist, an Architect, a Tester, a Team Lead and a Manager. Chris’s experience spans both public and private sector organizations including Telecoms, Finance, Central Government and Media and Technology.

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Chris Debney
DevOps Director

Mark is an IT infrastructure specialist with over 20 years’ experience in technology and computer systems. His expertise lies in systems architecture and he has built a number of large-scale high transactional platforms using agile and DevOps methodologies. Mark is the Director for DevOps at 6point6, a leading technology consultancy, and helps to shape their DevOps offering with a focus on deploying DevOps at scale for Enterprise solutions. Prior to joining 6point6 Mark spent eight years at BSkyB where he was a Principal Engineer and led the Platform as a Service team, assessing emerging technologies and implementing solutions across the wider DevOps group.



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Pavel Eliav
Head of DevOps, Resident

"The flexibility of CloudShell Colony and AWS has not only allowed us to innovate our solutions faster, but it also allowed us to build on top of the Colony software. Now, our developers can use a Slack integration that we built to reserve the dynamic application environments they need for testing all without the need for our DevOps teams to disclose sensitive passwords. This has resulted in reduced time to market, more productivity, and better visibility into our cloud usage."

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