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Complex environments are needed at every step along the value stream. Quali’s award-winning Environment as a Service solution automates the provisioning of infrastructure and application environments to help you deliver self-service dev/test environment, provide quick access to hands-on demos for POCs, offer real-world training scenarios, and deploy on-demand.


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Our vision is to help transform enterprise sales and more importantly, how our prospects experience our products for the first time with on-demand, self-service environments. To do that, we’re using Quali CloudShell to build a demo cloud to speed up the enterprise sales cycle…

Ben Higgins, Technology Integration Manager, Tyler Technologies

The flexibility of CloudShell Colony and AWS has not only allowed us to innovate our solutions faster, but it also allowed us to build on top of the Colony software. Now, our developers can use a Slack integration that we built to reserve the dynamic application environments they need for testing all without the need for our DevOps teams to disclose sensitive passwords. This has resulted in reduced time to market, more productivity, and better visibility into our cloud usage.

Pavel Eliav, Head of DevOps, Resident

Quali Systems have helped transform the way we provision cloud resources for our business units, slick and effective user experience which led to quick adoption rate and multitude of valuable use-cases. A year into the journey and we are very pleased by capabilities of the platform, and the ability of Quali Systems to support us through the process.

Global IT Director, Manufacturing Industry

In all the years we have been working with Quali Systems, they have been very responsive to our needs. Their Customer Success Engineers are very engaged and always looking to help to get us to the next level on our automation journey.

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation, Manufacturing Industry

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