QualiFYI | Ep 10: BEACON RED Uncovers Why Cyber Security is More Crucial Now Than Ever

QualiFYI ep 12 Eric Eifert
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Relevant Case Study

How Dell EMC Networking Reduced Annual Equipment Depreciation Expense by Approximately 25% Using CloudShell Pro
The Challenge

Dell EMC Networking’s R&D Ops team, which includes Joe Saunders and Brian Turner, are responsible for asset lifecycle management of Dell EMC Networking’s Opex and Capex investments amidst a rapidly growing portfolio of new product introductions.

With no equipment reservation system to enable sharing and visibility of high-value, expensive lab and test equipment, lab space, power, and HVAC cooling systems, Dell EMC Networking was underutilizing its lab assets and generating unnecessary lab expansion and upgrade expense.



Information Tech



This high annual depreciation expense took away investment dollars that could instead fund additional new programs. Lastly, the cycle time for onboarding and retiring assets was a manual process that could take a week or more to complete. Joe and Brian saw an opportunity to significantly reduce the business unit depreciation expense and put controls on how much equipment they had available in their lab at any time, all while providing their teams with the test beds they needed.