The Secret Weapon of QA Modernization 

The world depends on software more than ever, increasing the risk presented by low software quality. QA teams are required to adopt modern approaches to quality in order to keep up.

In recent months, the rising need for remote testing exposed weak links in many businesses’ QA processes. But it also presents an opportunity to tackle old QA patterns that hinder efficiency.

In this webinar, Qualitest's Performance Test Lead, Leandro Melendez, and our CTO, Maya Ber Lerner, will discuss how environment automation can change the way teams approach quality and be the basis of a successful QA strategy.


Watch the webinar! 

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Maya Ber Lerner

Maya Ber Lerner, the CTO of Quali, has served in a variety of key management roles at Quali since 2007 including VP of Product Management, VP of International Sales, Director of Strategic Channels, and more. Prior to Quali, Maya held technical roles at Amdocs.  When not traveling, Maya is the IT person at home, and the only one allowed to change router configurations. Outside of work, she likes drawing, carving, and reading.


Leandro Melendez
Performance Test Lead

Leandro has served multiple S&P500 customers all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Austria. He is the author of the popular performance testing blog Señor Performo (, where he curates a diverse set of learning material for performance testers and engineers. He is the producer and host of the Spanish language version of the PerfBytes podcast.



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Pavel Eliav

Head of DevOps, Resident

"The flexibility of CloudShell Colony and AWS has not only allowed us to innovate our solutions faster, but it also allowed us to build on top of the Colony software. Now, our developers can use a Slack integration that we built to reserve the dynamic application environments they need for testing all without the need for our DevOps teams to disclose sensitive passwords. This has resulted in reduced time to market, more productivity, and better visibility into our cloud usage."

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