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As an online retailer, Resident utilizes dozens of software applications for the back-end systems of their luxury hybrid mattress business, DreamCloud. Generating over 250 million annual sales in under two years, DreamCloud needed a way to innovate faster while continuously providing an exceptional experience for their customers through a modern online eCommerce platform. Unfortunately, globally distributed teams of developers were sharing static integration and staging environments, and DevOps teams backlogged by ongoing environment maintenance and troubleshooting created friction and delayed innovation.

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Pavel Eliav
Head of DevOps, Resident

"Our back-end systems and applications are
complex. They need to be. But, for us to expand
at the level of growth that we were experiencing,
we needed flexibility and alignment throughout our
DevOps lifecycle. We weren’t going to get there with
our globally distributed development teams sharing
static staging environments. We could either tell
our DevOps teams to share the keys to the cloud—
which wasn’t going to happen—or we could find a


Resident needed to quickly develop, test, and release business-critical application in the public cloud using a DevOps approach to attain fast feedback on new features and accelerate innovation. To meet these needs, Resident leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) for public cloud infrastructure and native services such as route53 and turned to the Environment as a Service solution, CloudShell Colony, to deliver self-service application provisioning to their developers.

"The flexibility of CloudShell Colony and AWS has not only allowed us to innovate our solutions faster, but it also allowed us to build on top of the Colony software. Now, our developers can use a Slack integration that we built to reserve the dynamic application environments they need for testing all without the need for our DevOps teams to disclose sensitive passwords. This has resulted in reduced time to market, more productivity, and better visibility into our cloud usage."

Pavel Eliav
Head of DevOps, Resident


With CloudShell Colony and AWS, Resident has been able to add flexibility, collaboration, and self-service capabilities throughout their DevOps pipeline. In addition to benefiting from the adaptability of Amazon’s public cloud, Resident has built an integration into a Slack communication channel to help their globally distributed development team reserve dynamic application environments on-demand.

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