Essential Guide to Managing your Resources for Scalable DevOps

DevOps practices have revolutionized the way we develop, test, and deliver software to end users. While the DevOps methodology speeds software delivery, it can also present a number of challenges within an organization. The increasing need for cloud environments creates a bottleneck as IT teams struggle to keep up with demand from large teams of developers.

A DevOps-ready Cloud Management Platform (CMP) can alleviate this burden by accelerating environment provisioning, while increasing governance and controlling cloud costs. Automating environment provisioning can also help reduce organizational friction, so businesses can more efficiently achieve their DevOps goals.

Download The Essential Guide to Managing Your Resources for Scalable DevOps to learn how you can use a DevOps-ready Cloud Management Platform to:

  • Scale DevOps
  • Increase efficiency
  • Accelerate release cycles
  • Manage cloud cost

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