Essentials Guide

Managing Your
Cloud Resources
for Scalable DevOps

Download The Essential Guide to Managing Your Resources for Scalable DevOps to learn how you can use a DevOps-ready Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to: 

  • Scale DevOps
  • Increase efficiency
  • Accelerate release cycles
  • Manage cloud cost

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pavel  (1)

Pavel Eliav
Head of DevOps, Resident

"The flexibility of CloudShell Colony and AWS has not only allowed us to innovate our solutions faster, but it also allowed us to build on top of the Colony software. Now, our developers can use a Slack integration that we built to reserve the dynamic application environments they need for testing all without the need for our DevOps teams to disclose sensitive passwords. This has resulted in reduced time to market, more productivity, and better visibility into our cloud usage."