2018 Cloud and DevOps trends - 

The Barriers and the Breakthroughs





As part of its annual survey, Quali received inputs from over 1300 practitioners working in mid-to-large enterprises – all in different stages of their journey to Cloud and DevOps. We learnt about maturity of their own processes, their challenges and learning, the barriers they’re still challenged to pull down and where they’ve made headway compared to the past couple of years. The survey, now entering into its fourth year provides a great way to look at the industry landscape over a 3-year and map it to the maturity of the transformation that enterprises are experiencing.


Here are a few things you will walk away with:

  • What are the top careabouts for enterprises in their quest for agility? Where are the existing bottlenecks?
  • How is the cloud strategy shaping up and what are the top automation tools?
  • Is DevOps adopting maturing? What are the barriers? Has the culture evolved?
  • How does this compare to the past 2 years?
  • How should you prioritize your efforts for 2018?



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