When it was first introduced 15 years ago, Infrastructure as Code was a real disrupter for IT and one the key enabler of the DevOps approach. It then became the de facto method to quickly describe and deploy cloud infrastructure. The shift to a developer centric vision of infrastructure provided the ability to support frequent updates and API centric automation. As cloud infrastructure became more and more commoditized, and IaC practices where more broadly adopted, they also saw their limits. One of them is that the needs of developers are application centric, whereas IaC is by definition Infrastructure centric. This creates a gap between the expectation of the Dev team and the Ops team that has resulted in delays and additional security risks. As cloud providers are moving up the stack with more value added services, and organizations are slowly evolving to scale their digital transformation efforts, providing the proper governance and management on top of infrastructure as code has become critical.

In this webinar, we review some trends and best practices with infrastructure as code, and discuss how Quali’s SaaS platform, Torque, can help enterprises DevOps practitioners scale their IaC efforts and leverage their investments in this space. We also have a demo!

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