Deploying Financial Services Applications Faster with Cloud Sandboxes


Financial services institutions are looking to rollout applications faster, but are hampered by IT certification issues.

This paper discusses how Quali cloud sandboxes using self-service environments can help make that happen more smoothly while addressing regulatory and compliance requirements.



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Why use Cloud Sandbox?


Financial Services applications are becoming more complex and sophisticated – embracing newer technologies like mobile, IoT, SDN, containers, and microservices, while at the same time having to support core services that are based on legacy and on-prem specialized systems. This poses a challenge to Financial Services organizations that want to provide high end, secure and reliable services to their customers. As a result, more and more financial organizations are looking into embracing DevOps, to accelerate Application Launch and reliability.

This White Paper discusses these challenges faced by Financial Organizations, and introduces the concept of Cloud Sandboxing as an enabler for DevOps processes.


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